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Information is the key to success in many things. It is the key to keeping your garage door safe, secure and properly operating as well. Use the answers to the questions in this section to expand your knowledge and to ensure that you and your family will enjoy these benefits in the long term.

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Do you have trouble finding proper answers to your garage door repair questions? We provide short answers and precise solutions.

In this section, we have decided to compile a list of questions with corresponding answers as frequently asked by our customers about the business. Your query may just be one of those already mentioned and answered in the list. So go ahead and read on about garage doors and everything related to it.

  • How do I measure correctly for a new garage door?

    Measuring for your new garage door is relatively simple. Take a metal tape measure and write down the precise finished opening height and width of the door; the distance from the door opening to the wall, the distance from the door opening to the ceiling, and the distance from the finished door opening to the back point where the opener will extend. Give these numbers to our technicians and you'll be on your way toward installing your new garage door.

  • What does wood garage door maintenance involve?

    Right after installation, panels must be covered with protective exterior-grade paint which is specially formulated for wood. Annual repainting is required. The panels must be cleaned and inspected for damage on a regular basis. If needed, measures for protection from termites and other wood-damaging pests should be taken. The hardware components require cleaning, lubrication, and inspection as well.

  • What is R value and why is it good for me?

    R-value is the measure of thermal efficiency of a garage door and if the value is high, it indicates that the door has good insulating properties. Our company offers various residential and commercial doors that suit varying door needs that help in conserving energy.

  • Does the brand matter when it comes to garage door operators?

    You can expect reputable brands to offer top quality openers. Still, our experts in Grand Prairie recommend that you compare models on individual basis. Consider their features and capabilities in line with your needs. Check the horsepower and the warranty. Try to get the best value for your money.

  • Where should I focus when buying glass garage doors?

    The main distinction of glass garage doors is that they are made of this particular material. Though, glass is chosen wisely for such constructions as garage doors and it is thick and durable. You just need to make sure it's safety glass to be protected from injuries should it breaks. Get double layered insulated glass panels for higher energy efficiency and prefer aluminum frames over wood ones because they are stronger and more resistant.

  • How often must I replace the bottom seal?

    There are no specific dates because the frequency of its replacement would depend on its condition and its condition on the daily cycles of the door. Though, before winter comes, it's good to check and change it, if it starts to get worn out.

  • How often should I paint the garage door?

    It depends on its condition and material. Wood garage doors need frequent application with coatings that will protect and make them more resistant. Garage Door Repair Grand Prairie says that other materials need to get scrubbed and painted only when they are rusty.

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